Yarra Disability Services

Our Logo for 'Yarra Disability Services' which helps identify our brand.



We prioritise environmental responsibility in every aspect of our operations. From energy-efficient practices to waste reduction initiatives, we are committed to minimising our ecological footprint. Explore our dedication to sustainable living and discover how we integrate eco-conscious practices into our daily business.

Green Transportation

Experience eco-friendly commuting with our fuel-efficient cars, contributing to a reduction in carbon emissions.

Waste Reduction

Partner with us to minimise waste. We're actively working to reduce single-use plastics and preserve the environment.

Reduced Paper Usage

We embrace sustainability with our paperless approach, using paper only when absolutely necessary.

Community Events

We actively participate in initiatives like community clean-ups and tree plantings; contributing to a cleaner, greener future.

How can you help?

We have partnered with #teamtrees to ensure that we can minimise our carbon impact on the earth. For every single support session you book at Yarra Disability Services, one tree will be planted which can go towards reducing CO2 emissions, provide oxygen and give life to the world’s wildlife.

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