Yarra Disability Services

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Why Choose Us?

We’re more than just a care provider – we’re a community dedicated to making every moment count. Our exciting youth programs ensure that you can have fun, make friends, and thrive. 

our purpose is to allow individuals with disabilities to thrive

Goal-Based Approach

Our goal-based approach is all about helping you achieve your dreams. Whether it’s making new friends, trying new experiences, or reaching personal milestones, we’re here to support and empower you every step of the way.


Fun-Filled Experiences

We provide opportunities for you to engage in fun and social activities, fostering a sense of joy and connection. From outdoor adventures to indoor game nights, you’ll have the chance to bond with others and create fun memories.

our purpose is to allow individuals with disabilities to thrive

Qualified Support Workers

Our friendly skilled staff obtain a range of diverse certifications to ensure they are able to provide the best care possible for you, guaranteeing expertise and competency in every aspect of your support journey.

first aid is why you should choose us!

First-Aid and CPR Training

Our team undergoes mandatory first aid and CPR training to enhance our ability to provide effective and immediate assistance in various situations. This training encompasses a wide range of essential skills, including poisons care, wound care, and basic life support.

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Medication Administration

Our support workers are certified in medication administration. This ensures that our staff are well-versed in the proper procedures for administering medications, including dosage calculations, medication storage, and monitoring for any potential side effects.

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Food Safety

Our team is trained in food safety protocols to guarantee the well-being and health of those under our care. This certification covers crucial aspects such as proper food handling, storage, and hygiene practices. 

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Autism Training

This specialised training encompasses understanding the unique needs and communication styles of individuals on the autism spectrum. It equips our team with valuable insights into creating a supportive and inclusive environment, helping to foster meaningful connections.

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Epilepsy and Midazolam training

Our support workers are encouraged to undertake specialised training in epilepsy management to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals that we support. This training helps with understanding triggers and implementing appropriate response strategies.

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ADHD Training

This training ensures our team is well-versed in the latest insights and strategies for effectively supporting those with ADHD. We believe in empowering our staff with the knowledge and empathy required to provide outstanding care and support.

Support Plan Creation

We work together with you and your family to develop personalised support plans tailored to suit your unique needs and aspirations. These plans serve as roadmaps, guiding us to help you achieve your goals.

How it works:

Before your first support session, we’ll organise a brief meeting to discuss your goals and aspirations. We will then use this information to create a support plan which will have strategies on how we can assist you to achieve them. These plans will be viewed by you, your family and those supporting you.

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